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Volcan Community Market

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on July 20, 2011 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (5)

Hola everyone,

A reminder to come every Friday from 9am to 11am to buy and sell goods from our community.

This Friday a seafood vendor from Pedegal will come to sell some fresh Fish, Lobster, Prawns, and whatever else he can get his hands on, also a local non organic produce vendor said he would come to sell at a good price for all of us, and a local bread and pita maker will be back to sell her artesan bread. The usual great organic produce from Finca Santa Marta and the great muffins from Nancy will be here.

At Restaurante Mana we have fresh snook (fillet or whole), lobster, seabass ... come and have lunch or dinner with us.

Remember to recycle your plastic, paper, cans and soon to come glass (we are trying to find plastic crates for them)

Come support your community market so more people will come and sell more good stuff!!!

Thank you...

Fatherīs Day Celebration

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on June 16, 2011 at 1:06 AM Comments comments (0)

Restaurante Mana two seatings at 5:30pm or 7pm this Saturday June 18th

Please let us know at what time you would like to dine.


Totopos con queso,  (Nachos with cheese)

Sopa de flor de calabaza con chiles poblanos (Squash flower soup with poblano chilis)

Ensalada de frijoles (Bean salad)

Res, puerco y pollo cocinado a las brazas con sus propias  salsa servido con tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo y frijoles refritos (Mix grill of beef, pork and chicken with it´s own sauces served with torillas, guacamole, pico de gallo and refried beans)

Dulce de Mango y piña caramelizada (Mango with caramelized pineapple)

Andale...andale... call Jorge at 6461-2970 for your RSVP

This week at Restaurrante Mana/Volcan Lodge

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on May 31, 2011 at 9:41 AM Comments comments (0)

New season hours:

Monday - Sunday 11am-8pm, Friday 9am-8pm

We will serve breakfast fare all through lunch..

We have fresh fish: Fillets of Mahi - Mahi, Red Snapper, Yellow Fin Tuna, also we have whole Red Snapper for those who like a lighty dusted and pan fried fish, and pork tender loin cooked in an open pit ...

We are looking into haveing a Father's Day Celebration with a Belly dance show and Middle Eastern food!

Remember that every Friday from 9-11am we have the community sale at the Mana Gardens, come sell your goods or come support our local artesans and producers.

Hope to see you here!

Volcan Community Market

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on May 18, 2011 at 11:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Friday 9am-11am at the back garden area of Restaurante Mana

We have had new artesant bring their goodies for sale such as organic produce, non organic produce, jams, canned goods vinagers, quilts, sewing goods such as aprons, organic coffee, pita bread, belgian breads, granola, cajun food, kimchi, and much more...

We have also seen the increase of people that come to buy the goodies !!! please keep coming back and invite more friends to come and enjoy a great morning...


A friend who happens to he a local doctor and part of the health department came buy to the last Friday market and strongly suggested that we all follow safe food manipulation practices before something unfortunate happpens to someone or something similar to what heppened at the Boquete market. Him and I are working on a plan to get safe food handling certificates to all people who handle food. We will keep you posted, he is on vacation for a month!

There for, all people selling their goods must follow safe food manipuilation practices in order to be able to sell at the market... It is very important follow health codes for safety of all of us who buy stuff ... Get very aquianted with local health code or you can look at he USA FDA food manipulation practices which are very similar to the ones in Panama...

For example, it is better to bring goods already prepacaged, do not touch any food with your bare hands, ware plastic gloves when necessary, ware a hat, never put any kind of food on the floor or ground ... you need to bring your own table, bring serving utensils necessary to serve (try not so serve on the premises, bring it prepackaged), you need to maintain the correct temperature for hot and cold foods, have a thermometer handy, etc.

We will have recycling this Friday by Richard, so bring it ready to load in his truck...

Looking forward to seeing you this Friday, we will have breakfast specials for you staring at 9am!!!

Thank you much for your understanding and cooperation,

Jorge and Vicky


Community Market

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on May 4, 2011 at 12:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Friday May 6th from 9-11am and every Friday there after ...

Our first Volcan Community Market

Please come support the attempt to start a community market here in Volcan. A place where people from the community can come sell their goods, others buy them and at the same time socialize with friends and neighbors.

The consensus is to have the market day on Fridays since there are many people that come to Volcan that day anyway to buy products at the Catholic Church. This day does not seem to interfere with any other pre scheduled activities that we know of.

So far we have participating: Finca Santa Marta with organic produce and more,  Yolanda and Nieves with artesan canned goods (eggplant, sweet pepper jam, plumb jam, etc.), Agro Soluciones Volcan with organic agricultural products and consultation, SD with Central American and Panamanian natural salsas, Belgian Bakery with their artesanal baked goods, Amelia with her organic products, Farmer Ed with some of his produce from his Las Nuves Farm, Clay with his woodwork pieces, and more to come! If you are intrested in participating please contact Jorge 6461-2970

Entrance is free for visitors and participants pay a $3 fee for setup and clean up charge. Sellers can come at 8:30 to set up. If you can, please bring your own table of if you do not have one, will will try to provide a space for you. It will be located at the back gardens of Restaurante Mana. We will have a covered space if it rains ...

Hope to see you all Friday!!!


Energy Blancing Session with Sound

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on February 18, 2011 at 5:12 PM Comments comments (0)

The Volcan Lodge Invites You to Experience a Special

Energy Balancing Session With Sound ..

Yes ... Sound! Take a moment and imagine wonderful frequencies of sound coursing

through your entire body. Now imagine yourself feeling a sense of freedom and lightness

as your problems and issues seem to float away. This is typically what our clients report

after receiving an Energy Balancing Session with exclusive SomaEnergetics Tuning Forks.

These special forks utilize the power of ancient rediscovered Solfeggio Frequencies and

literally help energize your body with positive energy while releasing negative energy.

Why do these sessions work so effectively? All of us store life experiences as energy

patterns in our energy anatomy. Some of them, especially negative ones, create blockages

which interrupt the free flow of energy in our lives. The amazing Solfeggio Frequencies

automatically seek out and enter portals (points) in your energy system where blockages

are present and help to dissolve them. You then suddenly have room for wonderful

positive new energy to flow within you and awaken your entire energy system. An Energy

Balancing Session really does work and it really does feel good!

On a physical basis, you will feel like you have had an incredible body massage without

ever being touched but with sound creating the feelings. Your session will be conducted on

a message table while fully clothed and will last approximately 50 minutes.

We are very pleased to have Licensed and Certified SomaEnergetics Practitioner, Ed

Kuiper available at our location on Wednesday, February 23 to conduct sound sessions the

entire day. To acquaint you with this “feel good” modality, Ed has agreed to charge you a

special one time low fee of only $30 for your session (regular fee is $45). This will allow you

to test out sound for yourself and determine how much you like it. We think you will like it

a lot. In fact, we think you will love it.

CALL TODAY to reserve your session. Tel 6957-6472 Do it now while thinking about it.

Directions to Volcan Lodge (Home of Restaurant Mana): As you enter the town of Volcan, look for

Panaderia Volcan on the left hand side. Turn right on the street directly across from it (a Restaurant

Mana sign is on that street corner). Drive 100 yards to location on right.



New Years Celebration

Posted by Jorge Cedeno on December 17, 2010 at 10:43 PM Comments comments (0)

New Years Rock and Roll Celebration

Restaurante Mana at the Volcan Lodge

Music by local band Phoenix

9pm until midnight and beyond?

Buffet Style Serving

Potato Salad, classic greens salad, homemade humus

Baked ham with gravy sauce, Vegetarian Eggplant and broccoli pie, BBQ 1/4 chicken

Sauteed Vegetables, mashed potatoes

Sangria coctail, midnight bubbly toast, fireworks, cash bar



Cel: 6461-2970

Email: [email protected]