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M.A.S. : Maná Assistance Services

Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

With the on-set of many people moving to Panama and the many frustrations and even "con games" or the lack of "straight answers" which can occur when transitioning to a new country; I had been asked on many occasions to provide assistance in varying situations. I have therefore created “M.A.S.: Maná Assistance Service” in order to provide the "help" that people in this situation really need.

Being born in Panama and having spent 27 years in the USA as a Project and Operations Manager as well as a Personal Financial Consultant, I have gotten to know a lot of the inner workings of both cultures and their respective beurocratic systems. I am honest, dependable, organized, hard working and a very result oriented person; I am not satisfied until I am certain that I have done everything in my power to achieve the desired results.

M.A.S. is a place where you can trust a “yes”, a “no” or an “I do not know, but I will find out”.

As with anything, sometimes there are things which fall out of the scope of a "consultant" and require "expert" assistance. During these situations, we will only recommend professionals with good references or people that we know personally. We will not do illicit work of any kind.



English interpretation: (I do NOT do certified translations or legal work)
  • By Phone - power company, water authority, cable company, phone company, etc.
  • In Person – I will personally accompany you to - immigration department, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, government offices, shopping of any kind, meetings of any kind, construction permits, etc.                                                             
  • I will help negotiate fees or contracts - to try and avoid overcharges or schemes to foreigners and get you the same price as locals
  • For rentals - I will find you properties for you to pick from
  • Small construction projects - indoors or outdoors
  • Skilled labor - plumbing, electrical, renovations, small construction, maid services, etc.
Chauffer services (professional people that will drive your car). Will drive you anywhere, this includes long trips.  All of them mature, honest and reliable. We also have 24 hour taxi drivers that we know and trust.
Handy man (for small projects around the house), grass cutting services, tree cutting services (small and medium trees), trash hauling of any kind, moving services, send shopping list and we will shop for you, etc.
$10 per hour with a 2 hour minimum fee, plus traveling expenses. Traveling time outside Chiriqui will be charged at $50 per day, plus travel tickets, plus hotel accommodations if necessary (not necessary in Panama City).

Some misc. services can be on a per job basis depending on the size of the project.


Please ask for:

Jorge Luis Cedeño Anguizola

Phone numbers: Personal Cell: 6461-2970

Email: [email protected]m



"Jorge is the man!

He helped me fix an ongoing, and unbelievably convoluted, billing problem with Union Fensoa after the mediator I hired to do this failed. Then months later he sent a follow up email a just to check if everything was still ok.

I highly recommend Jorge's services he returns calls and emails promptly and, get this, also shows up exactly on time.



Thanks Jorge.

Jorge helped us get our
property tax confusion cleared up in one
morning. Admittedly it was a long frustrating morning, I would have
given up after the 4th time I was unable to pay our property tax.
Thankfully the place with the information & the pay location are close
to one another. Jorge took over & got the job done.

Donna & Ray
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From: pederhaney <[email protected] ...>
> Subject: [Gringos_in_ David_Panama] M.A.S. Makes Lemonade out of Lemons!
> To:
> Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 10:22 AM
> Jorge at Mana Assistance Service -- In a word: Exceptional!
> When we purchased a car last year, the "expert" we hired to manage the paperwork through the system in order to title the car somehow failed to do it properly. There was an improper revisado issued and, subsequently the title was in error, unknown to us. Neither the revisado issuer, the "expert" or the Municipio employees caught any of this, and the car was plated. As a result, my driver's license was unable to be renewed this month until the paperwork was accurate. The "expert" used two days of my time and money to attempt to sort out the mess, beginning with the auto dealer who issued the revisdado. To no avail. As the end of the month approached, with no resolution, I called Jorge. He listened to the problem, agreed to meet me at the dealer's building at 8:30 in the morning and by 11:00 that same morning, all the paperwork was straightened out, a new, correct, title was issued the next day, and three days later I received my renewed driver's license.
> Jorge was calm, reasonable, professional, efficient, knowledgeable and, most importantly, effective in sorting out and resolving this problem which required interfacing with multiple entities. He is genuinely a nice man and that comes across when he is interacting with others. His positive investment in his clients is evident since he is incredibly service/customer oriented. This comes across not only when you meet him at his restaurant (Mana Restaurante) but when he is providing assistance. His response time is rapid, his fees are reasonable and his willingness to help is evidenced by positive outcomes.
> I can't recommend him highly enough! He is a terrific guy with an exceptional service!


We are still in the building permit process. I was out of the country
for a week. When I returned Jorge & I went to the permit dept &
confessed I had been scammed by an architect & was currently building
with a bogus permit. They were very supportive. They said I had not done
any thing wrong & they were glad I came to them. I can keep building
while I get new papers & plans submitted. Edsel, in the permit dept said
although they can't get back the money I paid Ciro Rios, the
con-architect, they are going to after every one who signed my permit. i
have no idea what that means.

We have a new architect & every thing SHOULD be filed today, Monday, &
we will be legal again.

Jorge comes through again.

Donna & Ray
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Hi Don, My husband and I used Mana Assistance Services after reading about it on your website.  All of our experiences with Jorge of MAS were excellent.  He is honest, fairly priced, and punctual.  He has the right temperament for the job as well.  We hired Jorge to deal with a variety of issues related to living in Panama: getting our truck legal, canceling a utility service, help with jumping through the hoops to take our dog out of the country (saving us substantial money).  We highly recommend Jorge for assistance in anything related to living/visiting Panama.  If he does not have the answer, he tell you & then go find out the answer.  A word to the wise-it is best to hire Jorge from the beginning (or pre) of any issue…you will save money and heartburn in the long run (although he can come in after the fact as well).  You can't go wrong with Jorge.

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